Decdecorating Ideas with Ceiling Fans

With the arrival of the heat, people are looking for methods to circumvent the feeling of suffocation. In homes and offices where the air conditioning installation is not feasible for lack of space, condominium laws or other reasons, you end up opting for the fan. However, the choice of the fan is not so simple and demands some attention to the factors that determine the device’s effectiveness.

They are more resistant than those used at home because of constant use and have an average flow of 100 to 300m³ / min. They are typically made of plastic.

Favorites in most homes are larger and more efficient. It is not able to cool other environments beyond that which it is installed. With great range evenly, they can be used in medium and large environments. With a differential exhaust system, they are capable of both cooling when the rotation is clockwise, and heating the environment when the rotation is in a counterclockwise direction.

Its average range is 15 to 25 m² and it is important to be installed with a minimum distance of 70cm between the tips of the blades and the furniture, walls and objects that are in your surroundings. Not obey this distance can mean a wind volume lower than in ideal conditions because, that way, there will be space for free air circulation.
Suitable for narrow or where the right foot is very high and places a ceiling fan would not have much effect. They are often used in environments where air circulation is poor. These models, by oscillating, produces increased ventilation, causing the cold air has a greater reach. The indication is to be installed in places where they are pursuing function together with natural ventilation, to compete not generating nuisance. They can reach the range of 50m².
Convenient and portable, has several options to meet various needs. Can be carried anywhere and directed to where you want. They reach an average of 12m, with wind misshapen and 90 ° rotation angle.


Its low power is compensated by the light weight and easy handling and transport. It is often used in desks to refresh and in environments that do not require as much ventilation. They follow the same logic of the wall, but with less range, so their indication for use is individual.

How to choose
One should pay attention to two important factors: design and engine. As it is an element forming part of decoration, it is important that follow the same environmental line, where it will be installed, with regard to the design. As regards the engine, the domestic models spend up 127w, while the imported spend about 65w. Comparing the two models, an imported four -bladed fans an area of 25m², while the national same configuration comes to 20m².

Number of blades
It is also of great influence on performance: the larger the number of blades, the greater ability to spread the wind in the environment. Performing the check inclination angle of the blades can determine the quantity of moved air or, in other words, the ventilation achieved. Domestic manufacturers often work with angles 5 or 6 degrees and imported 15 degrees. However, the fan with larger angle and more blades will increase the noise and power consumption. The speed rotation is also an important question: if the blades rotate very fast, the wind becomes a jet, which can disrupt the user, and can be dangerous and spread a lot of dust – which may become a hindrance for allergy sufferers.

Remote control
The ceiling fan won an investment of a few renowned brands to give more comfort to the user, creating the fan with remote control. The fan that provides full control conquer more consumers, which allows decrease and increase the speed and even positions the way that is best for people who are in the environment.
More appropriate point
The best place for fan installation is the environmental center, in the case of ceiling fan, usually in point of light itself, which even facilitates installation. Most of them obey the minimum horizontal distance of 70cm. For installation a specialist is needed to prevent failures and problems. It is necessary to know the electrical part to avoid short and the fan noise.
– The fans must always be out of reach of children. In this case, ceiling fans are safer.
–   In the ceiling fans, the power switch should preferably be close to the ambient light switch, so that the user remembers to turn it off when you leave.
–   For fans will stay in rooms, you must search the quietest.
–   For restricted spaces, wall fans are good options because they do not take up space on the furniture of the house.
–   To clean the ceiling fan, you only need a damp cloth with water or mild soap.
– INMETRO seal should be near the product.
– You can test the fan in store for examining wind power and noise.