Danish YouTube Launches Today

The approximately 2.2 million YouTube users can expect that from today there will be a more Danish influences over the popular service.

Back in the middle of January we wrote that a Danish YouTube was on the way, but Google kept information close to the body. Today is such a day, where the Danish version is launched.

YouTube has six years old and has since become the world’s largest video platform and at the same time, it acts now also as the world’s second largest search engine. It writes our site.

The opening of the Danish version of YouTube gives both users and advertisers more new opportunities. There are monthly around 2.2 million Danish users.

-“With our site will be the global platform even more interesting for our Danish users. On the other hand, there will be more original content in the form of local Danish media channels on YouTube, and, on the other hand, the General Danish users can now apply to join the YouTube partner program, and thus have the possibility, through ads, even to monetize the content they produce for YouTube, “says Peter Friis, Director of Google Denmark, in a press release.

What does our site

There will YouTube.dk be shown on the front page of the most popular Danish videos, thus it will also be easier for users to find and view the Danish-produced content.

There are also entered into agreements with a number of partners, which in the future must create an original, Danish-produced content.

These partners counts, among other things. film distribution and production company SF Films, which have had their own channel with content for Danish film fans.

Danish artists also positive

The Danish artist Shaka Loveless will in all probability also could earn a bit of money on that in the future will be clicked on his songs on YouTube. But it is not the only reason that he is positively voted opposite the Danish version of YouTube. It writes our site.

-“It means something in relation to PER, so I was happy for YouTube. But here’s the even better. It is also a good incentive to spend more money on nicer music videos, “he said.

KODA is also on its way to land a deal with YouTube, but it has not yet fallen permanently into place.

-“But we are in agreement on the broad principles. For KODA is about to build a commercial market is up on the Web. Five years ago, there was no money on the net for the artists, and we are building up. Here’s You Tube a significant player, Hyltén-Cavallius Nicolaj says. ”