Crystal Jewelry Decoration

It is not a tongue-twister. These two words describe the trend in jewelry for the season of fall 2012. In the following lines we will give a look to what designers of accessories we have prepared to look both at night and during the day.

Women's Crystal Jewelry

One thing is certain, and it is that many designers are inspired by a more ancient part to create a new. This autumn will be noticed the fascination of the creators of jewelry by times and designs of the past. Two opposite styles govern this season: art deco, with pure lines, and the Baroque, with a most opulent style. All dream of having a vintage piece in our jeweler, and for those it is that difficult access to original parts, is the option of choosing any of the wonderful retro pieces that populate the windows, gateways and online stores.

1. Art deco

Art deco design movement arose in 1920s and remained on the rise until the end of the Decade of the thirties. It is especially distinguished by geometric lines, facetamientos, zigzag and a particular use of symmetry. This season will see unique pieces of jewellery, with compelling design, ideal to be carried on the night, but in fashion everything goes.

Crystal Jewelry Decoration 3

Looking cool and captivating at the same time, earrings are great actors and bangles and rings will follow them. Rectangular, elongated shapes. Earrings in the shape of semicircle and some in the form of drop that will counteract the rounded shape of the structure with a mosaic of faceted crystals. Big rings with detailed design work and combination of materials, will be a lot this season. The same will happen with metal bangles, wide and worked with thin rectangles that wrap around the wrist like a Ribbon and adorn it with beads.

Crystal, silver, emerald green and black are the tones with which these parts are governed. Elegant.

Crystal Jewelry Decoration 2

2. Baroque

If we talk about the historical point of view, the Baroque period spanned from the year 1600 to 1750. The term “Baroque” was and still is often used to emphasize the excess in all terms. In the case of art and design, the term “Baroque” is using to classify objects with an abundance of ornaments and elaborate details. Opulence.

This opulence will be reflected in many collections. Cameos, necklaces and chokers decorated with stones, crystals, ribbons and tassels; rosettes, braids and Golden filigree. Dramatic patterns and theatrical designs. It is obviously not a style to carry every day, nor is a style that everyone can take. If you decide to include any piece of jewelry with a tendency of baroque design to your wardrobe, remember to take it with the simplest top you have. As in all cases, it is to keep a balance and Baroque accessories can be a bit difficult to handle.

Crystal Jewelry Decoration 1

In the Baroque style, the earrings will be long and ornate. Is utilzaran long pearls. Collars will have lots of golden color and beadwork. You will find necklaces with ribbons and appliques that you will see as the bearer of one of the prized jewels in the Crown. The rings will be large, showy stones and bands for hair include lace, embroidery and stones.

These as detailed pieces are in accordance with the general line of design seen in this season. Strong and rich colours, printed strong, Rhinestones, not so small and insignificant details that will make an accessory the centerpiece in an outfit. Without a doubt, the autumn of 2012 is an imperial fall.

Any of the two styles that we saw in this article is designed to make you different you. You must choose which fits most to your personality and style, since no accessory looks unless you feel really comfortable with him.