Craft Fun with Bending Rings

Jump rings and eyelets are quite handy. You need one at the Pearl Jewelry do all the time. Jump rings are available in different sizes. You most jump rings are “open”, so that you can connect anything. There are also closed rings. They are excellent for closures. Alternatively, you can use also wear rings.

Craft Fun with Bending Rings

In this blog I will show which earrings you can make with bending rings. There are natural even more opportunities on the way to the creation of own earring. Actually, jump rings are very versatile. Usually, you need no extra points for earrings. The pen has been an eyelet.
But for this modern earrings I have used 6 jump rings. There are great long earrings and they are very easy.

-1 pair silver ear hooks
-4 small jump rings
-2 large aluminum jump rings
-Metal look spikes
-2 short pins
– 4 mm Pearl silver plated 2

You see, there is little material, and with aluminium and in the Metal look it weighs very little.

DIY Earrings Instructions

You start on a small eyelet to attach the Spike and the aluminium ring. In itself, the Spike without the extra eyelet can be attached to the big ring, but it’s pretty tight and then the trailer cannot move freely.

The next step is the attraction! Make an Anhangerchen that will hang inside the ring with the pen and the silver Pearl. That can move also again freely.
Beware that making extra large eyelet to the PIN. There must be room for the thick ring and the small ring. I did a 5 mm slot. This is a bit too big, but better too large than too small.
Then it is attached to:

And so it looks when the Pearl inside.

Finally, you need even an eyelet to attach the ear hook to the whole Anhangerchen. For technical reasons it is not necessary, but without it not just hangs. Then hang so to speak it in the wrong direction.
These earrings are as crafting set available on Sciencedict!

And now, it is also clear: with the principle – Pearl in eye – there are very many possibilities! I have here a 4 mm Swarvski Bicone Anhangerchen used with Amethyst.
Quietly try it out! You are tinkering with the earrings be amazed by the many possibilities. I myself can’t stop somehow.