Considered: The Nokia E71 From A Different Angle

WordPress apps, Twitter apps and “HowTo Install”

Considered: The Nokia E71 From A Different Angle
After about 100 product reviews and a total of over 330 test reports I wrote for the CyberBloc, I have to register for the first time doubts with the conclusion of one of my reviews-the speech is from the E71 review, There I spoke full-bodied of the best smartphones on the market-and frankly this is not really (more). After I had (and wanted) massive criticism on the E71 (and wanted) in the last couple of weeks, I simply once again put the sample on the example and ordered a Nokia E71 to take it in appearance. As the disclaimer, I noticed that I have an iPhone and use it diligently. Nevertheless, I know that I can be sufficiently impartial when it comes to the comparison between Apple and other products. Click on the button to continue.

And see as the whole criticism is justified, especially if one takes the mobile phone from the box and not further modified. I’m not concerned about the hardware in itself. The Nokia E-series is really beyond any doubt, but the software-in this case the Symbian operating system-gives rise to criticism. I see myself as an expert in smartphones and IT, so I have already in my time before the CyberBloc had a certain softness or a calling for communication and mobile phones. But if you look at the E71 from other eyes and see the smartphone as a real smartphone (and not as an e-mail, SMS and telephone machine), then it really is not necessarily easier. Surfing-what goes with the iPhone from the wrist-gets with the E71 to a torment. And the handling of an app is much worse, not only that not every app can be easily installed, you have synonymous in advance in the smartphone itself The installation of apps.

How To
Menu|installations|Program Manager Options|Settings|Software Installations On All. The online certificate check must be set to Off.

Only then can you install programs without an annoying certificate check comes. When you report during the installation that the software may be harmful to your smartphone, you can safely click on “Continue” if you know that the software comes from a reputable source. The installed software can then be found in the “Installat” folder.

Recommended Apps
The Nokia App Store in the form of the Ovi store is, of course, a disaster rather than a masterpiece from Finland, but there are still some apps that make life easier with the E71 – especially if the contract is still running for a while.

Opera Mini
The Opera Mini is an almost full-featured browser for smart featurephones. And since the Symbian browser is not necessarily the yellow of egg and is also working slowly. you can find good substitutes. This also works well.

DB Railnavigator
If you are traveling by train more often, you can use the DB Railnavigator to connect – actually even faster than on the website. Can be found at

Grafity is the Twitter client for mobile phone badly. It costs 10 euro, but Twitter makes it even more fun. Can be given for a birthday or so. Better than Twibble or the mobile web version of Twitter it is definitely. A demoversion is available at .

Scribe is an app for WordPress users. Just install Python here, then install Scribe, using this link Enter data and log off.

Wordmobi is another WordPress app for Symbian. Since you can just try what you like better.:-) Here too the installation is quite simple. Python and then install the and log off after specifying the login data.

Google Apps
Of course, the Californian search engine giant has released a number of apps, which can be found at . Google Mail, Google Maps, Google Latitude and the Google Mobile App for Symbian are also recommended.

No-the best smartphone is the E71 certainly not, but it can be improved if one hand itself.And that is actually the shame in the story: Do you still have a hand on a 300 or 400 Euro smartphone, so it runs as it should run? The iPhone can do almost anything “out of the box”.When you download apps, this is not a pain, but fun and lifestyle. At Nokia it’s work!

PS: By the way, all links are directly optimized for the E71 or for other Symbian smartphones, click on it and load the apps. Have fun with it!