Clothing of Penalty: 5 Tips to Consider

The popular of many localities is approaching and it is the time to get together with friends to specify items that you need for your equipment’s penalty. Before taking a decision, take a look at these tips which we hope that you will help.

Clothing of Penalty

  1. Design. Take your time in deciding the design for your grief, it will be the element that you identify. Bet on a design able to adapt to different types of clothing: t-shirts, sweatshirts, Dickies, scarves and backpacks… You must also give us format design the best possible image; jpg, psd, eps, png or similar according to
  2. stamping technique. It will depend on the number of garments, the complexity of the engraving and the colors of the design. Then we leave you some examples:

    • Vinyl cutter: appropriate for designs of a single color. It is a material of great quality that stands out due to its long and presents extensive

Print Vinyl

possibilities of color and textures: metal, fluorescent… Perfect for printing names and silhouettes.

    • Printing: indicated for designs in full color with many details. If your design includes a coat of arms, this is the best option.
    • Embroidery: if you want to give your penalty equipment special touch, we recommend this technique. Ideal for customized sweatshirts and polos with the nickname of each Member of the group or the name of the penalty on the chest as a shield.
  1. number and place of prints. The place of printing possibilities are many; in the chest, the back, sleeve, pocket… The most common is to stamp on every t-shirt design of the penalty, the name of each Member and a number that identifies you, while other groups prefer to capture only the design of the penalty.
  2. clothing and plus size. You have a wide range of models of sweatshirts, t-shirts in multiple colors, various options of pants and overalls, polos, scarves… Unisex carvings, woman with forms more accentuated or child for the kids.
  3. price. It depends on the type of garment you choose, design and printing technique. Here is a list of approximate prices:

Printed t-shirt vinyl cut / vinyl printing: €12 – Sweatshirt hood stamped vinyl cut / vinyl printing: €18 – embroidered Sweatshirt: €20 – Pack t-shirt + Sweatshirt vinyl: €28

For sentences whose total amount exceeds €300, canvas 1x1m personalized gift to identify your local/booth. For sentences of lower amounts, canvas 1x1m personalized for only €20.