Clothing Coca Cola

It was expected that a brand as strong in the market as the Cola Cola to invest in the fashion market. After more than 100 years in the market making one of the most beloved soft drinks in Brazil, the brand left for a new investment: clothes. The line of Coca Cola clothing, Coca Cola Clothing, is the North American origin and been doing quite successfully in the market.

Clothing Coca Cola

The dummy of the brand is not the most democratic, so there are those who feel it difficult to wear a few pieces. GG brand is not the biggest and may miss tissue for some bodies. But who is skinny and youthful, can play in the Coca Cola Cloting that will raze.

And unlike the soft drinks, the brand of Coca Cola is not so popular as well. The brand has show itself in the weeks of Brazilian and North American fashion and renowned designers working on creating. There are brand concept, style and a lot involved in a single piece to use casually. Prices are not popular there as well as their soft drinks.

Coca Cola Clothing Models

The brand is essentially jovial, so their models are sports fashion and causal fashion. There is for girls and boys blouses, pants, jackets, overalls, skirts, shorts and dresses (just for them. You understand, right?).

One of the brand’s cars heads is even their shoes. But for those who hate to wear brands, you cannot escape: the Coca Cola name will appear at some point in the play. Tennis both for them and for them is the name stamped and always work with the colors of the brand, overall the red and white. There are other variants and prints and models in the Coke appears at various times. The flip-flops Havaianas kind of creeping are a luxury and has the refrigerant name on all items.

And as a chic and luxury brand status by having show and all, of course Coca Cola has accessories. For them, bags, belts, bags and necessaires. For them, backpacks, wallets and belts mostly all practical and the Coke name at some point. You cannot run away from a brand that loves to show that there is even, okay?

Where to Buy Coca Cola Clothing

It took a little bit to the store to launch its own e-commerce. Our site continues to sell the brand’s products.

The site asks for a registration and provides R $ 15 off first purchase. It also offers exchange within 30 days without any cost as long as the clothing is tagged and has never been used. There are also the official stores of the young designer in several cities in Brazil, including Recife, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul.

Prices of Clothing Coca Cola

Although some of the products are more than R $ 200, there baratinhos items as well. Shirts and races can be had for under $ 40 in some promotions online store and physical stores. It is essentially a expensive brand, but the parade of items have the same high prices and nothing inviting.

The official brand for sales site there is a very inviting price category in question: Sale. In other words, everything on sale. They are overstock or differential numbers that could not be sold throughout the collection. The change of season, some parts also go there with discount and of all sizes.

Container of Coca Cola Clothes

It does not have a Coca Cola store in your city or have and is too far? If it is a capital, wait a Coke container arise. Are detachable and mountable stores anywhere traveling throughout Brazil. The project has lasted for some time and continues to circulate throughout Brazil, also present in other countries where the cost of mounting a fixed store is much higher.