Clothes Women Sun Protection Adult and Child

The sunscreen is always the best sports practitioner friend or even who leaves enough room. Even on cloudy days the sun sends the sun’s rays and cause damage to the skin. However, it is not practical. Imagine needing to reset the product every three hours, not remembering that. To make life even more practical is that arose clothing with sun protection. They are the newest trend in swimwear, but not used only for this purpose.

Clothes Women Sun Protection Adult and Child

How the Clothes with Sun Protection?

Clothing with sun protection, known in the windows with UV factor with clothes, are different parts of the closet traditional.

They use special fabrics with addition of sunscreens, responsible for blocking the passage of UVA and UVA rays, the great villains of the skin. These harmful rays not only burn the skin, and potentially increase the chances of developing skin cancer.

There are two ways to produce clothing with sunscreen. One is to use fabrics based on titanium dioxide, responsible for blocking the harmful rays of high power. Already the other is to add the common fabric additives to protect the skin from sunlight. Same as the first model, they do not pass and you still use a traditional fabric you already know. In this second model, the parts are cheaper.

Unlike the very fabric of use and add substances to protect against the sun is the durability of the piece. If the fabric is especially it lasts much. If added substances, there are a number of specific washes to ensure safety.

Clothing with Sun Protection Work?

The clothing technology of to protect from sunlight was invented by Australians and became fever worldwide. The country is product champion to protect the skin, since there the sun is considered to be much more harmful. That’s because they are right under a large crack in the ozone layer, and so the sun is usually stronger and more harmful.

The technology is very good and provides enough protection, but it is not something perfect. Like any good sunscreen, you still tan even using the product, is not it? So with the clothes with protection UVA and UVA. The proposal dermatologists use is not only the clothes, but continue to use sunscreen reliable and periodic recharge to ensure production.

Model Clothing with Sun Protection

In the Brazilian market the product is still turning fever, but in imported clothing sites can see very cool models for various uses. There are full tights for surfers or jumpsuits-shirts for anglers with high collar. In stores in Brazil, we are still seeing only shirts for use in long sleeve beach for both children and adults.

Prices of Clothing with Sun Protection

The article found in most stores, blouse for bathing in beach and pool costs an average of R $ 90 with protection factor 50. They can cost much more expensive, varies according to the brand and demand for the product.