Clothes Turned Into Dresses For Pregnant Women

Although not being noticed, this Drew Barrymore dress is not a maternal, but a common dress that comfort and its court can also be used in pregnancy.

Clothes Turned Into Dresses For Pregnant Women

I’m not sure if actress there will buy dress a size larger, or will it adapt for your pregnancy, but any of the two options is actually valid.

This dress, the Giulietta design house, is made of silk and you can buy it at bestaah for cheap price.

If not, I recommend you look in your closet or in traditional clothing stores simple dresses in stretch fabrics, such as point, cotton or Lycra which cede to accommodate your tummy. Remember to raise one or two sizes for pregnancy, but no more than that, so well is the size of shoulders and arms, and the length of the dress.

Maternal clothes by traditional brands

Increasingly brands and “normal” shops that venture with lines for pregnant women. During his appearance on the Tonight Show programme, Drew Barrymore chose to wear and casual with a blouse J.Crew and Mark J Brand jeans.

For pregnant J Brand Jeans have an innovative design in clothing of pregnant women: instead of large pieces of fabric covering your tummy or have thick elastic band around your waist, these jeans have a low waist and elastic sections only on the sides.

The rear and front clasp are equal to of one jeans either, so you can use them with any blouse and are hidden to perfection. You can see them and compare prices on bittranslators at pants for pregnant J Brand.

Drew Barrymore blouse is actually a regular garment (not motherly) but in a larger size. His style is “sweater Merino with silk floral old panel” (with names and surnames). I found it on the page of J. Crew, and judging by the fall of the waist and the way they left sleeves to Drew Barrymore (in comparison with the model), is the same blouse but in large size, which also uses.

Bright colours to reflect your status

While a black dress is an essential piece, striking and cheerful items are necessary to reflect your state of mind. Moreover, if your state of mind is low or you are suffering depression in pregnancy, surround yourself with bright and cheerful colors can help improve your feelings. According to scientific studies, the color has effects on its conscious and unconscious way. In the psychology of color, yellow is used to stimulate and cleanse the body.

If the yellow is not yours, visit the article color Psychology: how color impacts the State of moods, feelings, and behaviors (in English) and see which color can help you achieve balance.

As for Drew Barrymore dress, as always, she opted for comfortable, loose and easy with a refined touch. Her dress is actually a vintage boutique for famous garment, but the cut is simple and only need to add embroidery at the bottom to raise it slightly.

Flowers, stripes and prints

In keeping with its style, Drew Barrymore opts for simple sleeves and simple cuts, but the key is to give presence to the outfit through prints, colors, strong, accessories or shoes.

While the traditional is safe, risks always are the prize. Try it at  by adding eye-catching pieces to begin with, such as scarves, shawls, multicolored shoes or large necklaces.

As you feel comfortable, you can find most striking fabrics.

Big shirts and man

Whenever we see Drew Barrymore dress up your pregnancy by chance, use large and with rolled up sleeves items. I know not if it will be a maternal shirt, man or just a few larger sizes, but that doesn’t really matter. Only the belly to shove enough.

Do you revisaste the closet of your husband to see which of your clothes you serve? This is one of the main tips to save on pregnant clothes.