Cime Presents Workshop on Design of Image

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Cime Presents Workshop on Design of Image

Saturday, May 26 had the opportunity to attend a workshop on design of image given by this school is giving much of that talk CIME (Centro Integral de fashion and style).

The first part was very entertaining with the participation of the students themselves in creative direction (Paulina, Greta and Ruben) platicandonos and describing the characteristics of the main points that are needed when we talk about image design. Immediately started with practice, your server put you a white turban to avoid that the color of the hair influence and used some sheets with color to identify that “season” palettes I am, this means that colors or shades favor me more to dress and wear, we then proceeded to take measurements of the body, to identify that you figure or silhouette I identified some established more This part is very important so the image designer can identify the person advised according to

Since we identified these basics we continue a conference with Thalia red image consultant with more than 9 years of experience and a great resume that it leans back, amazing designer image that it was really a pleasure to know, explained from the most fundamental aspects of behavior and screening staff, up to the understanding of the current situations.

The purpose of these workshops says Elena Alonso, Coordinator School of the career of fashion design, is to bring to the public in general to participate and interact with subjects, events and content related fashion to a more personal level.

Thalia Red


Professional image consultant