Chrome – Is It a Reason to Have an Android?

Google Chrome on PC is already the fastest browser currently, both in speed to start to open pages when growing market share compared to its competitors. Now Google Chrome is also available for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) .

Chrome – Is It a Reason to Have an Android?

It works for mobile phones and tablets and has some functionality that today we can only install by third-party tools. One of these features is the synchronization of bookmarks and tabs open between your Google Chrome phone on your computer. There’s nothing yet about the synchronization of passwords between Android and PC in this beta of Chrome, but I think it’s just a matter of time, especially since this is a strong reason to bring multiple Firefox users to Chrome.

Another point that will certainly help in choosing Chrome for various types of users is the easy integration with Google products, more or less in the style of what already happens today with everything else on Android, like the browser. In Chrome you’ll have easier access to GMail through the browser when you’re logged in to your account, even faster than the native Android browser.

And speaking of a native browser, it seems to make sense that Chrome one day become the main browser for devices with Android, replacing the current browser, someone else agrees?

Other exciting features already available in Chrome for PC remain in Chrome for Android such as integrated search, incognito mode, and a major security concern.

The video below with only 1 minute duration shows more information about Chrome for Android.

Like everything Google launches, Chrome is still in Beta phase. Check out the Android Market and download Google Chrome for your Android 4.0 smartphone!