China Cell Phones: Beware of Freight!

Some readers have commented in the articles regarding the models of Chinese cell phones that are sold around. This site is not a virtual store, but we have advertisements for stores and websites that sell phones. By accessing these links, our readers’ readers complained that the announced price of the device did not include the freight from China to Brazil, nor the value of the import tax at the customs. This made a lot of phones expensive and some people ended up shopping in stores without knowing it.

China Cell Phones: Beware of Freight!

Beware of buying ling xing devices

There is a contract at the time of purchase. Information about China’s freight, and the customs fee is always written in online stores, though some do not leave these values ​​on display, hiding. Something as important should be more prominent to the consumer, and not advertised as free shipping to attract customers. The xing ling phone already has a questionable quality and the seller still does it? That will not work!

Buy handsets from trusted stores and sellers!

Not all online stores make the sale without telling their customers about freight and import costs. The purpose of this article is to warn our readers: read the full details of the ad carefully before making the purchase, and be wary if it is very cheap because the freight price can make the Chinese phone much more expensive. Also check the evaluation of the site in online surveys, especially on sites such as Ebit and ReclameHere.

Take your doubts by email with the store before you pay or make any commitment. I hope this can help readers buy the cell phone they want without anger or headaches with the process.