Children’s Day on Anita Shoes

The children’s day is coming and the Hunch of Luxury comes do his tribute to the little fashionistas. If you have a puppy, nephew or godchild, it’s time to start thinking about the gift that will brighten the tots! Nowadays the market is adjusting to a new generation of children, with their own wills, opinions and choices, of course, with that little help from parents. To meet so many wills trade presents a varied range of options, but the fact is that the toy section is increasingly dividing space with the clothing. It is large number of children who have left aside the famous toy to choose an outfit or new footwear, since that meets the taste of children and youth. Jeez that kids are increasingly demanding, neh? Terrible! RS. So, to celebrate the children’s day with a lot of style and give that “help” for those still in doubt of what to buy as a gift, we post funny, that’s going to freak super head of adults and conquer the feet of the little ones!

Children's Day on Anita Shoes

Last Saturday had a special afternoon in celebration of children’s day on ANITA SHOES of Avenin Mato Grosso, here in Campo Grande (MS). Had toys, cotton candy, popcorn … lots of fun for the kids that were there! We enjoy the fun of kids to register also the news that ANITA SHOES received this year for the children’s day: various suggestions of gifts, children’s footwear and accessories for all ages. Cute, cute, cute! Who’s wrong a store that appeals to the whole family, with options for grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads and babies! Ahhh … and in addition to the wonderful products, you know what we’re fans of ANITA SHOES? The credit! Good payment terms make all the difference in the time to do some compritchas nowadays, isn’t it?! Hahahahaha! A-MA-MOS!