Check out Great Ella’s Backpacks Store Templates

Every child needs a good schools backpack. After all, the day to day problems of small is filled with studies and physical activities. To go to school, the child requires  backpack resistant and comfortable to carry the books, notebooks, Pencil case, among other material.If the routine is made up of sports such as swimming, tennis, judo and more, also it is necessary a bag with ample space to store towels, bathing suits, slippers and accessories.

Check out Great Ella's Backpacks Store Templates

Parents and guardians should always be very attentive to the type of schools backpack for children, the State of these accessories and especially the weight limit. The bag must not exceed the limit of 10% of the weight of the child. According to doctors, orthopedic surgeons, the misuse of the backpack can cause muscle aches, abrasive injuries(wear) and damage to the spine.

Quality backpacks

Choose an excellent schools backpack has everything to do with the type of tag. You can find the best brands of the market here in Ella Store, the store always has perfect backpack types both for girls and for boys. With modern designers, very current, colored, monochrome and stamped with characters famous and beloved by children. Not to mention the prices are super acessíveis for all the pockets.

Big brands

Clio-The brand has gorgeous models and excellent for preteen girls. With very modern, colorful prints and detached, the accessories they conquer and enchant young women. In this phase of life, the girls are more vain and seek backpacks with unique design and bright colors, these characteristics help define tastes and shaping the personality of teenagers.These schools backpack models also match all occasions: school, Club, gym, travel and more.

Red Nose-For boys who follow a more basic style, the Red Nose brand backpacks are more than indicated. The main colours are black and grey, which combine with everything. The accessories have adjustable handles so you don’t hurt your shoulders; internal divisions to facilitate the Organization and pockets on the outside to support medium and small objects so practical. Schools backpack models are ideal for studies.

Princess-The bags of this brand are also one of the most sold. Girls kids simply love bags printed with the great Disney Princesses. Accessories are really lovely. Not counting that are super resistentes and spacious to load and carry everywhere.

Luxcel-Different models of Red Nose, the backpacks are more colorful and Luxcel with many details. The combinations of colors like brown + green or royal blue stand out and call a lot of attention. The backpacks are super soft and light to ensure every comfort during the day. The models are great for teen boys.

Pallas-With lines and colors very fashion, schools backpack models of this brand are perfect both for girls and for boys. Their style is quite different, with strategic pockets and modern forms. Backpacks for different occasions, such as tours and journeys that always ask a lot of style, elegance and practicality.


Choose the ideal teen backpack

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