Chanel Haute Couture Bridal Gowns

Is an intimate ceremony to a few friends and family or a party for 500 guests, it is a fact that the dress is probably one of the main concerns of every bride. And if the model turned a … suit?

Chanel Haute Couture Bridal Gowns

That was the proposal of Karl Lagerfeld for the Haute Couture show for Chanel on Tuesday. The traditional bride of the maison française-that, this time, was Kendall Jenner, the top which is a member of the Kardashian clan and daughter of Caitlyn Jenner – ended the presentation of the brand wearing a white suit with a Camellia on the lapel. The veil, of course, was present, and was stuck in her hair, but not in the suit – and appeared long, dragging on the ground. How about the androgynous look, bride, groom mezzo mezzo?

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Chanel transforms your parade in a technological Casino

As usual, Karl Lagerfeld spared no news in the collection. The stylist’s bet on a 21 century version of the famous Chanel jacket, made of a single piece with 3D laser.

— Jacket was made in one piece, there is no seam — explained the stylist AFP.

According to the German fashion designer, this is a technique that expands the horizons of Haute Couture and which will be increasingly used in the future.

— Which keeps alive the haute couture is to be in your time. If you stay as a sleeping beauty in an ivory tower, to be forgotten — said the “kaiser”. — Women who buy Couture these days are not the bourgeois before, are modern young women.

As a setting, the Chanel brought an elegant Casino “art déco” with participation of stars of cinema. Actresses Kirsten Stewart, Julianne Moore, Rita Ora, Vanessa Paradis, Geraldine Chaplin and Lara Stone attended.

The models paraded around the tables of roulette and black-jack, with “à la garçonne” hairstyles, shoes and modeling of the Twenties, the era in which flourished the great Coco Chanel. See more:

* With information and photos from AFP