Casio SGW400HD1BVER Review

Casio has transformed the concept of wrist meant as simple device able to mark time, into something more technologically advanced.

What do you get if you put together hours of 29 countries (29 time zones), a barometer that lets you predict the weather trend, a detector of altitude (up to 10,000m), a thermometer that indicates the ambient temperature (from -10 to 60° C), a stopwatch, a timer, 5 daily alarms and a calendar all in one clock? Casio SGW400HD1BVER.

Reliable movement

The quartz movement provides a reliable accuracy. It’s like having a friend who only wants the best for you. This type of motion has become popular around the world and in the case of the Casio SGW400HD1BVER is accompanied by a digital display.

All the information you need at a glance

Whether you’re an exercise buff, a lover of hiking or water sports on Casio SGW400HD1BVER is definitely the watch for you.

Functions as the stopwatch at Localtimezone and the timer can be used to keep track of your time during a workout; the barometer and altimeter will be definitely useful when hiking in the mountains so as to predict weather trends and not run into bad situations;

And for lovers of water sports? Don’t worry, it in fact is waterproof up to 10 Bar/100 metres.

This means you can swim or snorkel with peace of mind knowing that you have a wrist watch that may damage when in contact with water.

Another important aspect to consider is the readability of the display in low light condition. Unlike other watches fitted with diodes, this uses the electroluminescence allowing better readability and reduced effort.

Robust like a tank! or almost

The resin and stainless steel band gives outstanding resistance against accidental damage to ensure the integrity of the watch.

A rather important structural detail is that the glass has a convex shape, IE curve, this allows to dampen the pressure on top of the timepiece giving great stability and resistance to pressure.


  • Resistant
  • Multiple features great for outdoor activities
  • Excellent lighting
  • Automatic synchronization between digital display and hands
  • Great value!


  • Digital time display smaller than the other
  • Days of the week in English