Casio Edifice Eqb-500 Review

A luck-it’s a clock. No touch screen Monster. The Casio Edifice EQB-500 is pleasantly differs from a Smartwatch, because instead of display this clock has real pointer, a Crown and a few pushers.

So goes the clock at first glance as ordinary timepieces. Only a presser on eight carries not only a green ring, but also the Bluetooth icon. Actually, the EQB-500 via the “blue tooth” can connection with an iOS-or take on Android Smartphone. The free app is available in the app store and the Google play store available.

But first to the watch itself: the distinctive case and also the bracelet are made of solid stainless steel. That makes the attitude of Casio rugged, resistant and suitable hours. This almost all-sports is included. Also, swim and dive, because the EQB-500 is waterproof up to 100 meters or 10 ATM. Another feature that makes the watch a really smart feature.

The dial is classic in black anthracite-colored, with hefty block indexes and lighting equipment on hand and pointers. The pointer can be very easy to read in the dark, the luminous indexes could be slightly larger. The Crown is screwed down and working electronically–the pointer so not synchronously moving to turn the Crown. Yet can be very well controlled everything, even the thread works smooth. Time and all essential functions can be also programmed via the Crown, the Smartphone is not absolutely necessary to quickly change time or world time.

The clock on the Smartphone app is most convenient. First Watch and phone are coupled, the Bluetooth technology of the clock is aligned so that the power consumption is low. Get app using the practical features for frequent flyers in the game: with the Casio +-app offers practical functions. As the time turns to button according to the time zone where the phone is located. A second time zone can be set on a separate small dial. It’s fast and easy, as soon as it launches the phone after landing and adapts to the internal clock, also the Casio can be adjusted. The period of time between landing and exit fits for more than plenty. For those who like even easier, sets the time at the destination as the second time zone prior to departure. With a keyboard shortcut in the clock can then be changed – the home time is displayed on the small dial while the destination is represented as the current location on the main pointers.

The Casio edifice displays also the current day of the week with a pointer, as the date. The even classic date disc, which can be seen in a window between four and five o’clock. But smart would not be smart, if this disk had not also own drive, noted the different month lengths. Thus, each tedious Office work is already done. An analog chronograph function is also on board. A special highlight is the speed measurement at the beginning is entered the distance about the app and then at startup, as well as in achieving the goal the stopwatch pressed. As a result, the clock displays the average speed. Also an alarm function is integrated, which reminds on dates or stops the short Büroschlaf.

When a smart watch you ask yourself quickly, as long as the battery lasts. Proud owner of an Apple Watch know the malicious question after this fact-the touch watch displays but already in the evening usually desire to 22, to get a power source. This may not happen with the Casio edifice: the EQB-500 has a separate power supply via the proven solar technology from Casio. On the dial, the watch absorbs enough light for a solar cell. Interesting: The EQB-500 regulates power consumption itself. At night, for example, goes the clock in a sleep mode, after long storage time on the shelf is also the movement turned off.

To be even smarter, the Watch has a counter for received and unread messages. The function in this way is wonderful: it is different from Apple’s Smartwatch, not forced, to read the message on the wrist. The information that something has arrived, is sufficient. The function must however the E-Mail mailbox in the Casio +-app installed on it.

The phone is particularly useful for forgetful people Finder. Button on the clock the Smartphone emits a tone – as long as it is within range of the Bluetooth connection – and the lost device is localised.

The case is made entirely of steel, is clean processed and high-quality. Only the cross screws securing the massive ground, seem a little like by Bauhaus. The floor is equipped with a cut, all engravings, who teach about properties and operation, are clean. No sharp edge disturbs the watch holder!

The bracelet is comfortable and has massive limbs. The individual sections are satin-finish and polished and quite elaborately shaped. Only downside: significantly decreases the metal buckle in the ranking. Dated and edgy and a little vertrauenerweckender retaining pin: if I slightly wanted to change about this watch then this clasp!

Summary the EQB-500 is a great watch. She is smart, but not too smart – thus adhere to the wrist in the frame that does not degenerate into perversion of power and range of information. I have tried the Apple Watch myself, and decided after a few weeks: not every breath of air from the Internet universe as WhatsApp, iMessage, E-Mail and others need to compete even on my wrist to my attention.The EQB-500 is a watch, whose Funktionalität is useful in everyday life, and the design of which did not feel gives one to carry a communications centre on the arm. Instead, the Casio is a clock with hands and everything, which I attend a watch expect. And if I want to be quite undisturbed, the clock reports not the lack of the smartphones in the vicinity me also. You report me only time – quite how to make a watch also.