Care that Parents Should Have with Their Children

What is the father who does not like to gift his children with that toy he saw on television? Options for games, dolls and strollers is what is not lacking in children’s stores.

Care that Parents Should Have with Their Children

But be aware that care needs to be taken to ensure that these gifts do not harm the child’s health or are responsible for some accidents.

Babies and pacifiers, apparently harmless, are also the main objects that cause injuries to infants and children. According to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital report, a child under the age of three every four hours is taken to hospital emergency rooms for injuries.

According to child physiotherapist Marianna Foski, parents need to choose exactly the ideal toy  at BehealthybyTomorrow, in addition to taking some routine care. “It is essential for parents to take their child’s pacifier by about six months. It is at that moment that they begin to crawl, and this avoids several accidents, “he suggests. Therefore, the Tips for Women has separated some of the care that parents should take with their children. Check it.

Stay Tuned!

It is essential that all toys comply with safety standards and bear the Inmetro seal. This means that the object has passed inspections and has been released for use.

Also note what is the age range of the toy is important, after all, depending on the type of object, children can put in the mouth and get hurt.

Idec (Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection) suggests that parents do not buy toys in the informal trade because some products are counterfeit and may contain toxic substances during their manufacture.

Carefully reading each toy’s label is essential, as parents need to determine the correct way to handle them.

Watch Out For The House

When a child is born, it is necessary for the parents to adapt the house to the arrival of the baby.That means you have to be careful with the pointed tables, do not leave cleaning products with easy access, and of course, to leave knives and household appliances well guarded.

Toxic substances should be stored in pots or closed containers and preferably placed in a high place to prevent the child from picking up.

Always keeping an eye on what your baby is doing is of fundamental importance, since they want and need to uncover places in the house when they start to walk.

Another important detail is not leaving pointy household objects close to the child. “When the child is about to uncover objects, they usually put them in their mouths. Pointy objects should be completely removed from the small ones, this can hurt the baby very much, “concludes Marianna.