Car Camping: the Advantages of Traveling with Own Vehicle

An article posted on the Uol Portal about traveling by car, fits with the reality of camping in front of the other systems. Questions that lead to freedom, mobility and ability to get to the specific point of your desire are relevant reasons in both cases. They make a possible extra expense could become a huge investment. Then we will here play the uol doing a friendly comparison between the General tourism with the camping. The most interesting of all is you see the benefits of camping but Camping with your own vehicle where all the benefits listed in this area will increase even more the power of your freedom camping.

Your vehicle, your rules: ten situations in which it is worth travelling by car. All together with your tent, your planning: see how worth travel camping according to campingtopgear.

Flying has its advantages, but driving without fear of being happy and overcome long distances in command of your own wheel, or ride it, it can be very pleasurable, as well as bringing multiple benefits. UOL talked with William Kenji Ferder, Executive Director of Specialized Tourism Tibitur, Mirella Spina, owner of First Travel, and Ricardo Amaral, Director of Voyale Travel Design, to show that the trip on wheels can be worth it.

1-the master of his own destiny:

This is the main. After all, your car, your rules. Saw a very interesting monument in the middle of nowhere? Just pull over and get to know. Spotted a nice Antiques Fair in the way? Just stop and go there. Who runs the script is you! Also camping, where the incidence of need for reserves is very small (only on major holidays) giving you the freedom to transfer your script. How many times passing by a location you can see some attractive or even a camping cool. Just stop and assemble your House.

2-luggage (almost) without limits

One of the great advantages of travelling by car is not having to worry about the weight of each bag, something that is usually checked at airports. As long as I have space in the trunk, you can take what you want. This kind of trip is also a good option for those who go in order to make many purchases. We have included the buses on the idea of limitation of baggage. Mainly in family camping, where the camp is the main focus of the fun, the car greatly increases the possibilities of treats and luxuries in your “portable House”.

3-can you split the Bill

If the trip includes more than four adults, make her drive decreases total spending. Together, these people could share the costs of the vehicle (if rented), in addition to gasoline and tolls. Despite the total time of travel usually be larger, it turns out cheaper than air travel. In this same idea of collectivity, the camp also opens multiple possibilities of living together in groups, where everyone can enjoy shared schedules, and each one in your own “home” and need not be necessarily on the social facilities to enjoy a collective.

4-will to meet many destinations

Even if you take a flight to get to the starting point of the trip, rent a vehicle will give you the chance to visit nearby towns. A road trip between the Portuguese Lisbon and Porto, for example, offers the opportunity to meet Fatima and Coimbra along the way. Traveling by car and staying in a camping these possibilities increase even more. See that sometimes it’s worth even leave their large installations mounted on a camping and still have a little stall igloo for two in the trunk. With a sleeping and a change of clothes you can stay overnight in a different place without having to give up your main purpose of the trip.

5-the medium is more interesting than the end

Coming soon in your destination? It’s not what you want if you are traversing the Rio-Santos Highway, which is a treat for the eyes, as well as traveling the route South between Romantic Porto Alegre, Gramado and Canela. Already abroad, the famous Route 66, which runs from Santa Monica to Chicago, is another example of course that holds many pleasant surprises. This is great advice for anyone who camps by Brazil and is used to “run” to come soon. This happens especially with owners of recreation vehicles that are even more prepared for this “walk without haste”. Enjoy the scenery, stop on that beautiful beach and spend the day on it without that were on the show and still be able to stay overnight with no need for reservations or very high prices is without doubt a great advantage.

6-travel with small children or elderly

For children and older people, the fact that you don’t have to wait for hours in an airport, get a chance to stop in the middle of the way to eat, stretch your legs or go to the bathroom are also great advantages. In terms of “Children”, we cannot but mention the wealth to provide a childhood in nature during the day and night, with a perception of living without walls or physical barriers that promote friendship and at the same time respect for each other’s space.

7-greater accessibility

In some destinations, such as farms and ranches, you can only reach by car – sometimes, it has to be a 4 × 4 model. In others, you could ride the bus, train or taxi, but the costs may be too high. Vale do comparison before deciding. We have always defended the MaCamp that camping isn’t necessarily a “cheap” hosting, but rather a democratic way where opens the possibility to shape the traveller wishes to your chances of spending.

8-Close with your buddy

Yes, it is possible to embark with your pet when traveling by bus or plane, but it’s not a simple task. Besides the fact of not being for any animal, fees are charged and not everybody can go on with the passenger cabin. In the car, your best friend with you: in the backseat in cages, crates or carriers properly contained by the seatbelts. It is true that a few campgrounds still do not accept the pet, but most allows this possibility by extending to your pet all the advantages to enjoy nature and interaction with your own. Surely the “rest” will not only be for humans. The puppies will also enjoy a lot of those days.

In fact the article Uol carries a somewhat content “elitist” considering the air shift focus and citing several international destinations, but cite basic precepts of freedom and planning that the car can provide. Camping can also shape the various social profiles, but always with complete freedom of choice and integration with nature. If you’ve never camped, is worth a lot to experience.