Candy Floss Hair Style

At Paris Fashion Week Rick Owens led the catwalks models with hair in the shape of candy floss. Too bad they cannot eat …

To fashion shows there are show that entertain. That would be worthwhile to sit in the front row, as do the movies, and watch the show munching your popcorn. What if there were even cotton candy like when we were little?

In fact it would be great! But watch carefully, the desires can be fulfilled.

Rick Owens at Paris Fashion Week brought on catwalk the models with hairstyles that seem to come from a candy factory. 

Instead of emphasizing the make-up, this time the designer has decided to turn his creatures into real silkworms with his face wrapped in a thousand strands of hair.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Duffy, Duffy the hairstyle, he said that in those thick tresses are hidden small pins that ensure the nodes and balloons (that were deleted before the models come out of the closet). In short, behind this hair “in cotton candy” there are little tricks and, we think, industrial quantities of lacquer. For this it is likely to be the most beautiful to see or to eat. What a disappointment!

We’re not sure that this trend will really catch on, but it has definitely made ??us remember with nostalgia the times of the rides.