Calendar Items Can Be Adjusted Almost as You Want in the Message Center on iPhone [TIP]

After updating the messaging Center now display calendar items in lists, but still not quite as in the past.

IOS users got with iOS 5 in 2011, the long-awaited message center, which was heavily inspired by a similar feature on the search giant remains undisturbed operating system Android. In this curtain that is pulled down from the top of the screen, was current and upcoming calendar appointments clearly lined up, so you could get an overview quickly.

Since Apple released iOS in september 7 with a redesigned Calendar app, it went a little beyond sight of the overall picture, as the old list view contributed to.

Particularly when the messaging Center was pulled down, and is now only offered an overview of the upcoming hours, where there happened to be no agreements were.

However, it was partially addressed with iOS 7.1, since a button now can bring the old list view back to month view in Calendar app (see photo above). In addition, Apple has corrected the statement in the notification Center, so all the day’s agreements come with.

-If you want to bring the old list view back in the message center, then you should just go in the Calendar app during the week view, and put the list view for that. Just press the button, as displayed above.

So, you don’t have to scroll so much in the future, if your appointments is just spread over 24 hours.
Note: Apple has of unsuspected causes chosen, to all-day events do not indicate in the message center.So if the week number, holidays or other agreements appears as an all-day event, so calling track unfortunately a trip in the Calendar app.

Unless you’re fresh at using your personal Secretary Siri. Although she does not speak Danish, but she can quickly give you the full overview of upcoming appointments. Read more about Siri in our: Tip: Siri is iOS devices in response to an “au pair”. See for yourself what function can help you

The message center is like the rest of Apple’s iOS is not freely available for customization, but if you go to: Settings, message center then there are several possibilities for adjustment. In addition, it is also here that you customize notifications from your apps seperately. You can read more about in our Tip: Customize push notifications on your iPhone