Boniticos-Maternity Clothing

I am researching some clothes for maternity leave for my next baby. I’m going to use almost all of Bruna, but 1 or 2 days I want to buy something new for her.

Boniticos-Maternity Clothing

Always buy beautiful clothes for day to day on Boniticos , but I found some wonderful maternity clothes and with great price. Some even comes with a matching blanket. Only I’m still in doubt which one to choose. I’m thinking of a white vest because all I have is with colors, and beautiful full dress white baby!!!

These were the ones I liked best:

yarn with little bee, roses and the scarf and matching faixinha.

This is basic and well unisex, you can leave with a very pretty embroidered collar rounds and if it is for boys, with more pointed collar, and you can get more information from  Babbfashion.

This is one of my favorites, like dress with pants underneath.

Look at the detail of the Pocket and the pendant buttons!!! Those who have separate Cardigan are good, because you take the Cardigan with other clothes.

Little bee, beautiful!

love this too that comes with collar, then you can put a body smooth underneath without having to buy a body with embroidered golinha.

And for boys: