Bobble Water Bottle Replacement Filter Set

Bobble patented replaceable charcoal filter removes chlorine and organic contaminants from water. Bobble is is designed for use with potable water significantly improves its taste and content.

Why Bobble?

Each filter 300 is equal to plastic bottles according to Waterbottlesshop!

Bobble filters are manufactured from recycled plastics free of BPA (bisphenol A), phthalates and PVC and is fully bezvrednen!

Charcoal filter a positive electrical charge that attracts negative ions of contaminants. These filters require very little maintenance and are perhaps the most powerful absorbent chemicals and organic substances. The filter meets or exceeds NSF-International Standard 42 for chlorine and solids in the water. The carbon filter is a natural product that does not cause side effects in absorption of the particles thereof. For best results we recommend changing the filter after 2 months or 150 gallons of water.