Blouses Gap Women

Stores of diverse clothing, assorted and are not designer, we have a wide variety of brands together. Some already known for often they are sold, and others just because they are commonly found on shelves and hangers with attractive prices. One of the brands that is part of the popular style this is the Gap. Blouse Gap is widely found on the market in several items stores.

The Gap is a trademark of the United States created in the city of San Francisco, in California. Inform the city brand is important because it is the local garment that Gap was inspired to create his first collection in 1969. Since then quite a lot has changed and many models have been added to their collections, more than two per year ever, ensuring that variety is no problem for the manufacturer.

Gap Blouse is a Designer?

The Gap is not a designer, even though prices a little above average and being sold as imported product. A designer works with different design, luxury items and produces many articles out and a few large scale. The Gap is a clothing manufacturer, focused on the commercial universe and selling parts a plenty. It has rather design modeling, but lack all the rest to become a designer, as a launch collection, luxury items and launch trends in the market. The brands are copied by the marks, and not the reverse.

For you to better understand the position of the gap in the market, compare with stores like Morena Rosa, Hering and C & A. are trademarks, they have collections and to create shows to launch models with advertising campaign, but throw more than 2000 products by model on the market and sold for the middle and lower classes. The designer of the proposal is also selling different items to the upper class, in addition to launching fashion trends to be copied it.

Gap Blouse Models and Brand Products

The Gap has a style of producing youthful clothes and inspired by the North American adolescents. It acts in this market so much there that specializes in producing generic clothes, the type to suit all tastes. Your target audience will of adolescents from 14 years to 25 years or more, depending on the youthful style of dress of the person.

The manufacturer operates in casual female and male market. For them, there Gap blouse race type, longer to wear with leggings models, blouses with ruffles and type from day to day. For them, shirts with sleeves or sleeveless unisex coats. The hooded jackets are widely used by North American young people and make a huge success in Brazil also in the winter or not. The brand is geared only to the top of the body itself, so it does not produce pants or shorts. Blouse is strong Gap.

The raw material of the brand is basically synthetic fabric and cotton. It is not the toughest, but the design of Gap blouse makes the product become very inviting to purchase. They are easily washable and easily remove stains.

The North American brand followed the trends of other vendors and created his own perfume, close, with orange and sporty touch.

Sobriety takes care of most of the collection, but there are also cool prints sale and Gap blouses with ruffles, with tanks and differentiated to a less casual and sporting event. The coats all follow the sports model, drawstring to close the hood and more elastic in the sleeves and the wrists.

Blouse Prices Gap

The Gap blouse is considered an article of average and well affordable price. To be an imported brand, prices are well into account. There Gap blouse costing between R $ 90 and R $ 180. One of the most expensive items of the brand is the jacket with hood, top sellers also for its smooth colors and the brand name in large proportion or detail as the model.