BlackBerry 10.3 Update on the Way-Watch the Video Here

BlackBerry follows the trend with new features and flatter look. View an early version of the upcoming update here.

We have earlier told you that the operating system is not intuitive enough according to the BB10 new BlackBerry Manager, as well as to the Director willing to ditch the BlackBerry smartphones. Generally have several opinions expressed, that John Chen is ready to do what he can to ensure the company’s survival.

Now there’s a video popped up on the Web, showing an early beta version of BlackBerry’s upcoming update BlackBerry 10.3. In the video, we meet among other BlackBerry’s new, virtual and personal assistant. However, neither function as personal, intelligent or Assistant in the video. It writes phone Arena.

Among the features we find also an acclaimed panoramic function to the camera part, hours to ‘selfies’ as well as settings for HDR (High Dynamic Range) and resolution. The photo gallery has got a much nicer interface, and a new “Automatic Stories” (automatic tale) function must help to create a Visual story from your phone.

BB 10.3 brings generally a flatter appearance for the user interface, which also is a trend we see on the competing platforms. When an update is ready for phones, we do not know at this time, as the video clearly testifies about an operating system that is not publicly available.