Black Is Always Going

Na sowas, still a latecomer. And, the little black is actually always up to date. These are rather the little blacks, they are three parts: skirt, top shirt, top jacket. One can make simple and noble, but with flat shoes (which I do not recommend) and another bag also more casual. We once had an article about how to make three out of one outfit, only by the choice of the accessories.

.Black Is Always Going

Drumherum you can see a little Christmas decoration.Also this was, like the predecessor outfit, a sheego production and which was now times for Christmas.One thing I want to get rid of here: an ode to the Perlons.The small black still with black stockings to combine would probably rather in the direction of burial.Also, the thin ones with little DEN are genuinely out.So keep away from it. According to Clothesbliss, you should not wear such a noble leggings, even if this has happened to me more frequently lately.You do not have to make after.

Now you see something better.Because everything is black and many have thought it was a dress, the little black is the title, but it is not a dress.

The skirt, very much here in close-up, is strechy and the upper crochet or at least in crochet optics.

Does not look so good on the pictures and teaches me that black studiolicht needs.

The bag is good for the outfit, but I always take so much with me that I have at least a second bag lying around somewhere.If necessary, you have to stop all hours at the cloakroom.Do not forget your tip!You annoy the megamäßig.But there you can do nothing.

All the products shown were provided by sheego.They are from the winter collection 2013/14.