Beta Hcg Values in Pregnancy

The beta hcg values in pregnancy you change by week of pregnancy. Here’s how to read the analysis in order to understand if the pregnancy is going well or if there are problems. Could indicate abnormalities such as twin pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

The blood Beta HCG values changing unexpectedly in the case of a pregnancy, so much so that in the past was just this value, if there was a pregnancy.

Today the value of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, also called Beta HCG is no longer used to diagnose the actual state of pregnancy, but rather as an index of other possible problems of pregnancy test itself.

How do I change normally Beta hcg values and how to read the analysis

If you found out I was pregnant, maybe with the common urine test, you will have done blood tests and you’ll want to interpret the values of Beta hcg to find out more.

Here is a table of beta values, considering the fact that the general rule of increasing beta hcg is that those values double every 2-3 days of pregnancy. If this is not the case may have been a termination of pregnancy. In this case you work with abdominal ultrasounds or transvaginali to see what happens to the embryo.

Table of pregnancy week – minimum – maximum (mU/ml)

week 1:12 – 77

week 2:45 – 1175

3rd week: 330-10200

4th week: 2160 – 82640

5th week: 6225 – 181075

6th week: 15600 – 184000

7th week: 15125 – 199500. …

Beta hcg values in twin pregnancy

What happens in the case of a twin pregnancy? Well, as you “multiply” embryos, even Beta Hcg values grow. With that report? The value of the beta may be of 30-50% higher than that of a single pregnancy.

Beta hcg in ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is a real pregnancy in which the embryo to implant in the uterus instead takes place at a different location. Obviously, this type of pregnancy has many difficulties in managing and comes as abnormal. From a clinical point of view is often observed the presence of blood loss.The gynecological examination there may be pain to the mobilization of the uterus and appendages. In particular, theexam beta HCG shows very high values (over 1500 IU/L), whereas, of course, in the uterus is not observed the gestational room. In a next control of beta HCG, its value tends to remain stable or increase.

Beta hcg values in pregnancy at 6 weeks

As seen from the table, the values of Beta Hcg at the 6th week are included in a range that varies between 15600 – 184000 mU/ml. What you should know is that phenomena such as nausea during pregnancy are closely linked by theprogressive increase of hormones Beta Hcg and that only around three months begin to stabilize. The 6th week the value of Beta is not yet stabilized and nausea is still very strong.