Best Bluetooth Smartwatch

The wearables they have installed inside Android Wear definitely have an edge. In this list we collected only the best for you to choose the right design

The smartwatch with Android Wear recognize quickly, the clock interface is very reminiscent of the Android operating system for smartphones and tablets and users of this OS will be happy to relive an experience like this on their smart watches.

The operating system for Google is very innovative, high-performance smartwatch updates are very frequent, increasing and, in some cases by adding, for each new version available, more features in our watches like GPS, the ability to listen to music and newest member, Wi-Fi connectivity.

Choose the best watch Android Wear can be complicated, but today we offer our list with reviews of existing and upcoming devices that represent the ultimate in smartwatch.

Motorola Moto Sports 360

Finally came a smartwatch Android Wear can rival the Sony SmartWatch 3. The wearable 360 Sport unique features of Motorola in Silicon as the Sony 3, but in addition has a special UV coating to stave off the sweat. The LCD is AnyLight and responds to external stimuli, which means you should be well illuminated in low light situations, but easily readable in full sun conditions.

The best choice: Sony Smartwatch 3

Now also in steel, the smartwatch 3 of Sony is our first choice if we’re looking for the best watch with Android. The integrated GPS and a new design “petrol” made entirely of metal, make this one of the most complete smartwatch we’ve reviewed.

Than its rivals rounder is definitely sexier but less classic; the strap is made of rubber, rather than leather – But if you are interested in more sports functions rather than the look of this wearable then the right model for you is the Sony Smartwatch 3 that suddenly looks much more interesting.

The best for the style: LG G Urban Watch

Beautiful, premium and probably not the smartwatch for everyone. The first wearable of LG didn’t offer much, the second model has us intrigued, and finally the Urbane surprised us positively. The LG G Urban Watch, is the third smartwatch from the Korean company LG product in conjunction with Google in these 12 months of activity and it is essentially a smartwatch who does not talk back.

Built with top quality materials (stainless steel finished in gold or silver), the Local G Watch is an electronic wrist watch that naturally fits into a price range higher than the average of other smartwatch. The price is close to that of Apple Watch cheaper – though to us it does not seem that LG is asking for too much compared to the features offered.

The best one for the traditionalists: LG G Watch R

Featured on Tucsonsmartwatches, the Bluetooth model LG G Watch R finally will allow fashion fanatics to wear a beautiful device almost as much as a real clock. Class and elegance distinguish this model – While the first version of the LG G Watch had gone out in a smooth shape and black color that has convinced the square, the new G Watch R has completely overhauled its own design. Genuine leather strap, corner and an attractive black metal bevelled circular display. Try saying that you don’t like.

Convenient. Yes. A lot. Consistent and lightweight. Under the hood of this smartwatch we find Android. Therefore, you can connect via Bluetooth to any Android phone with version 4.3 or and display incoming notifications and various other notices directly from Google Now.

The best for customizability: Moto 360

Nobody smartwatch captured our imagination as the Moto 360. It was the most anticipated device in many parts of the world. The new smartwatch was exhausted from the first day when online was launched and now they are going to be launched on the market its new second generation brothers, we can find great deals online for the first Motorola Watch 360.