Behavior of Dogs Showing Love!

Did You Know That The Smell Of Your Intimate Region The Your Best Friend’s Greeting? Check Out Some Behaviors That Demonstrate Affection.

You’ve probably noticed that your best friend seeks to communicate in many ways, right? Did you know there are certain attitudes that represent the love and affection he has for you? How about meet some?

Is it true that dogs can’t talk, however, they demonstrate the love in many different ways. Certain types of behaviors indicate retribution to the affection that you have for your friend.

The tail fan, for example, means different types of emotions. This can be a sign of joy, fear, happiness, tension among others.

How to distinguish? Just you watch the movement of the tail, that is, if it is more quiet and calm, everything indicates that your best friend is very happy.

The better your friend follows you everywhere? That’s the way he found to socialize. So, it doesn’t matter if you go to the bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom, if your dog is following you, it shows how much he wants to socialize and be by your side.

He loves to lick your face? Just put the dog in your lap, which starts licking incessantly? This is a sign of great affection and love. Usually, the dogs lick his face to demonstrate affection and gratitude. Understand, why your best friend loves to lick you?

It’s just come to your House, that your dog begins to jump? And when he jumps, trying to lick your face, too? This means that he’s happy to meet you!

One of the most striking features in a dog is your loyalty! No matter what happens in your life, your dog will be always at your side, both in happy moments, how sad.

Dogs love to sleep on your own company! In addition, they also have the instinct to take care of you when this sick. Another behavior that demonstrates love is when your best friend rests in you. For example, when leaving for work, he starts to pull over and lean on your leg. For dogs, it means demonstration of affection.

The your best friend likes to smell your intimate region? This is equivalent to a compliment as a handshake, for example. And when your dog pees on your front? Does that mean he’s happy to be with you and also acknowledging your leadership.

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