Beauty to the Mexican

All we love makeup, admit it, but… did you know that there are Mexican beauty brands? If they are girls Beauty Junkies or those that only have a lipstick and mascara, I am sure that they love these brands, which also most are organic.

Beauty to the Mexican

Imagine Nail Polish vegan, Cruelty free, hand-made with organic pigments and incredible colors? There it is! KURU is a 100% Mexican, interested in promoting and rescue the colours and materials used in the pre-Hispanic cultures of our country; the name comes from the culture Wixa / Huichol where “Kuru” represents “strength and colors of each collection go hand in hand with current trends but with super clear and creative names inspired by Mexico. The most amazing thing is that Kuru glazes are free of four harmful toxic substances that usually contain the glazes; Toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates (DBP) and camphor; In addition to not contain gluten. In the cosmetic field Kuru is free of parabens and lead. Where do we find it? They have store online! Our site

I tell them that I have very sensitive skin, so when it comes to search makeup is an ordeal because almost all bring me allergy, and that I’ve tried from the high range to those who sell in the super and da somewhat the same thing for my skin type; but when I discovered AHAL literally changed my life. It is natural, Mexican, crueltyfree, organic cosmetics, eco friendly and craft, bone the best of the best that combines ingredients of plant origin from all over the world, creating a mixture of herbal and sustainable cosmetic technology. It is free of sulfate, Parabens, mineral oils, petrolatums, and many other toxic dirt that make us great harm according to What I love about Iran is that it also has a line of body care and even for men is definitely my favorite! You can get it here: our site

As a good Lipstick Lover, I went crazy when I met Pai Pai a brand inspired by the love of Mexico, a fusion of art and beauty, a passion for Mexican. The brand name is derived from the indigenous group paipai (living people, people moving) located in the community of Santa Catarina from Ensenada, Baja California. I love that every collection of lipsticks is operated by Mexican artists representing traditions, culture and art of Mexico, with long-lasting bright colors and excellent pigmentation making them a collection object usable which is also 100% Cruelty free; find it here: our site

Must also consent to our body and that better if style home with soaps and shampoos biodegradable spa; If you read correctly. Botanicus is a Mexican brand aimed at the development of beauty and personal care products manufactured under traditional knowledge about the use of essential oils and natural extracts. Products are made of craft workshops in rural areas of the country and collaborate with suppliers that support causes social and ecological; but that is not all, they contribute to the environmental impact being biodegradable, without testing on animals and promoting recycling. All a must have that can not miss in our daily routine, of truth that are a treat for the skin, while here I leave your online store: our site

What seemed to them #FashionFans would be encourage to try some?