Beauty Tip: Sea Salt – Wellness with Sea Salt

Powerful effect of this white gold:Sea salt vitalizes and regenerates the skin and the body and makes us really beautiful!

With precious salt was already traded in antiquity. In addition to being used for food, it is represented in many beautyproducts and in the wellness and health sector.In addition to sea salt, the urine or Himalayan salt is particularly recommended for body care.Products with salt from the Dead Sea are very popular and show a good effect.

With these five simple home applications you can take care of your own little wellness day.Use the cleansing and refreshing power of the salt to support your beauty:

Salt scrub

Rough and dry skin is softened with a salt peeling again. After showering or bathing the wet skin is rubbed off with coarse sea salt. In circular movements, the body is abraded over a large area. In addition, a peeling glove can be used, which still supports the effect and keeps the salt in the hand better. Skin care is gently removed, the circulation is stimulated and the skin is additionally supplied with minerals from the salt.The salt peeling should not be used on freshly shaved skin, as the salt might burn on the skin.After exfoliation the skin should be rinsed with water.A moisturizing cream or a skin oil nourishes the body and lengthens the effect.The salt peeling can be applied once a day.

Salt foot bath

Especially when the feet are hot or tired, a footbath with a sea salt is very invigorating. The salt is not only cooling, but also supports the excretion of toxins from the body, which can be excreted through the sole of the foot.This simple variant of detoxing helps quickly revive the feet.For the bath should be used as much salt as the water can absorb.This point is reached when the salt does not dissolve.The feet should bathe for about half an hour at a pleasant water temperature.Through the salt, the skin on the toes can not shrivel.After the foot bath, rinse the feet with cold water and use a hand or foot cream.

Eye Wellness

In case of tired or swollen eyes, salt provides emergency aid. To do so, dissolve a tablespoon of salt in a small glass with a little water. Use ice-cold water or water with an ice cube. Apply the salt solution to two cotton pads and place them on the eyes. Relax for five minutes and let the salt soak. Repeat as necessary with two fresh pads. Clean the eyes with lukewarm water and apply an eye cream or liftig serum. This application also alleviates sleepy eyes in the morning or stressed eyes after hours of work in front of the computer.

Beauty mask

According to Beautygenerate, for a healthy complexion the facial skin is pleased with a high-quality mask. This is very easy self-made. Stir in a small bowl a tablespoon of salt, a tablespoon of almond oil (alternative olive oil) and a teaspoon of honey. The mass should be smooth and not too fluid to flow down from the face. Apply the mask to the cleansed face and let it react for 15 minutes. In addition, the lymph and the blood flow can be stimulated with circular movements.The neck can also benefit from this mineral-rich pampering.Then wash the face with warm water and remove the oil residue with a cotton pad, if necessary.Skin the skin with a refreshing moisturizing gel.

Salt detox

If you want to cheat on the fast 1-2 centimeter waist circumference, can reduce the hip with a simple treatment.To do so, mix a cup of sea salt with a tablespoon of water and apply to the stomach, waist and the upper hip.Connect these parts tightly with freshly wrapped film.The salt should act under the film for half an hour.It is best to take a short rest during this time, then the film remains beautifully tight.After the time, use the salt on the skin for a short peeling, rinse with water and massage a toning cream.Salt is used to draw slag out of the body, which drains the heat of the film.