Beautiful Nails with These Simple 7 Tips!

If you want to have beautiful nails, do not have to rush straight into the nail studio, but can easily maintain them at home. With these 7 tips your nails become a real eye-catcher!

Beautiful Nails with These Simple 7 Tips!

Do you want long and beautiful nails? Above all, aggressive chemicals, which are located in some nail varnish remover, can make nails brittle and brittle. Also, an incorrect diet or health problems can lead to discolored, stained or furred nails. So, in the first place, talk with your dermatologist about possible causes of your nail problems. Once health reasons are clarified, the right care comes into play.

We have the right tips for you:

1. A Hand Cream Should Not Be Missing For Beautiful Nails

A hand cream also nails? Oh yeah! After washing your hands, do not forget to wipe your nails carefully with a moisturizing hand cream. Also special nail oils can strengthen your nails and help against a brittle and dry structure.

2. Your Nails Deserve A Soothing Massage

By massaging the nail skin you promote the blood flow in this area, which promotes the growth of your nail. If your nails are cracked and dry, you can also grab coconut oil for the massage. Rub the rich oil evenly on your fingertips and then into the nails and nail skin. Alternatively, you can also use olive oil or vaseline for beautiful nails.

3. Choose A Good Nail Polish Remover

When buying a good nail polish remover you should ensure that it is acetone-free. How so? The chemical does not only attack the varnish, but also your beautiful nail and nail skin by drying it out.

4. Can You File Properly?

For nice nails, the right Feil equipment is not missing. We do not talk of metal files, because the nail surface merely tear. Glass nails bring your nails gently into the desired shape through their roughened surface. 

Thereby it is important not to flop back and forth, but always to concentrate in one direction, for example, from the center to the corner. Therefore, the nail edge does not fail.

5. For Beautiful Nails It Must Go Over And Down!

When it comes to painting the nails, under and overcoat are among the must-haves, if you want beautiful nails. The undercoat is intended to protect the nail plate from possible discolouration by nail varnish paints. In addition, it fills grooves in the nails or compensates for unevenness. The overcoat, on the other hand, ensures that the varnish lasts longer and the nail gets a nice shine.

6. Use Colors To Create Beautiful Nails

The selection of nail polish paints is great. Pastel colors and nude tones make your nails look bigger and longer, while dark colors reduce them visually. So if you have a small nail board, brighter colors are recommended and vice versa.

7. Protect Your Healthy Nails!

According to, the whole effort around the nails brings nothing, of course, if you protect your hands accordingly against stress. So if you have the next cleaning day, where you have to use aggressive cleaning agents, simply wear rubber gloves and your beautiful nails remain well-groomed and strong! Make sure, however, that you do not sweat in your gloves, as this will promote the breaking of the nails. In doubt, wear cotton gloves under the rubber gloves you can change when they are damp.