Basic Rules of Style!

When it comes to fashion the chicks go crazy! All we want to always be well dressed and mostly tuned in the news from the fashion world. But there are some basics of style, that every woman should know, because fashion passes and “style” is what remains.

Basic Rules of Style!

So, from now on, girls, the Hunch of Luxury will talk a little bit about what we should know about fashion and style, through our research on books of the most prominent authors in the world. One of them is the LITTLE BLACK BOOK of STYLE, the Colombian journalist Nina Garcia, who specializes in fashion and holds the position of Director of fashion magazines Elle and Marie Claire USES.

The way you present yourself is important and is closely linked to your personality. Whenever you wear an outfit, reveals some aspect of your identity! With style, you tell the world who you are or, at least, tells the story of who I’d like to be on that particular day. Style generates opportunities, opens doors and gives you the chance to reveal your facet of obvious way and inimitable.

How To Adapt

Your wardrobe should only contain great choices! It’s much easier to be inspired to see 5 amazing pieces of clothing than encounter 25 pieces, of which 20 have nothing interesting. Separate the essential parts and get rid of the rest.

Why do you still keep your jeans from school? Why still keep those clothes don’t fit anymore?

Your wardrobe should be cramped, but how many pieces do you really use? How many items to make you feel good about yourself? And how many times have you looked into the closet and said “I don’t have any clothing”? It’s hard to wake up early, so help a little yourself, organize your closet, then change their buying habits. Transform into a woman with style will be much easier!

Buy the right size clothes (if you don’t, don’t buy 40 38)!

Don’t be fooled by the liquidations (pay R $100.00 for a jeans that costs R $200.00 is a big deal according to legalarmist. But if is never use it, you don’t need the play or even like it, will still be very expensive).

Do not just stay in the dark (20 black skirts are nothing inspiring… a white skirt, vintage, embroidered, has much more to offer)!

Do not buy second trends (if it is fashionable to use short yellow dress and you don’t look good in yellow, or short dress, why buy a piece like this? Wear what suits you and what makes you feel comfortable).

There is Not time to adapt (do not store pieces in the closet for sentimental reasons, if you can’t, save it somewhere else and use at a costume party. Do not store clothes just because you paid a fortune, release them! Donate them to someone who will make good use of them. If you don’t wear these clothes for years, will never use them! Your Closet Should Contain Only Clothes That Suit You And What Makes You Feel Good.