Bachelorette Party Fun Games Ideas

You are planning a bachelorette party for your friend? Here are some game to entertain the bride during the evening.

Bachelorette Party Fun Games Ideas

The marriage approaches, it is becoming increasingly imminent, and single hours are numbered: soon you’ll be a married woman, a lady, but tradition has it that the status of a single lock up beauty with a Bachelorette party, organized generally by friends who plot behind jokes and surprises to make your last night as a “young lady”.

The basic ingredients for a hen should have good food, music, friends, but mostly games and gifts. You are planning a party for a friend and you have no idea what to organize? Here is a list of games that could make the evening fun and interesting.

Spin the bottle

Never goes out of style, it is always appreciated and is one of the most intriguing games that generally are organized in these evenings. All invited put themselves in a circle and take turns to answer personal questions, uncomfortable and flavorless. Who refuses to answer must undergo a penance, such as drinking a glass of vodka in one breath. In this case we advise you to call a taxi to go home.

Treasure hunt

Organize a treasure hunt for the bride, that for every clue obtained must have a drink. The ultimate goal will be a gift that your friends have prepared for the future bride, a special idea to celebrate the farewell to his condition of “single”.

The list of challenges

Organize your friend’s Hen night at a club, and compiled a list of challenges, if the bride is successful you will be entitled to his gift. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Let me buy you a drink from a guy who is in the room
  2. Find a male group and get take a picture with them
  3. Go from a guy and ask him to borrow a condom
  4. Go it alone in the middle of the track without music
  5. Kiss a boy and runs away
  6. Try to hook up with someone who is in the company of his girlfriend

Test of love

This is a nice little game you need to prepare in advance. You’ll have to ask questions, even spicy, about the life of the groom and then you’ll have to compare the answers of the bride with her. Of course, before you submit questions to him. A cool way to test your future wife.

Sexy Wax

Typically in these occasions the bride receives a gift from friends so many spicy gadgets, but here is an original idea still not widespread: book for the bride a sexy bikini wax , pointing to the beautician a form to achieve the pubes with waxing, for example, a heart, a star, any object.Probably will prove to be a best gift for him and her, but we are confident that the groom will appreciate the imagination of bridesmaids.

Gag Sexy

Put the bride a gagging big and write over “I’m getting married tomorrow.” Now will the bride, with a marker, turn to the local Hall where you will find, to harass the boys to write on gagging us tips on how to deal with marriage and on how to deal with the future bridegroom. Fun but also a tad embarrassing, take a drink your friend before you start the game.