Babies Rooms Decorated with Crafts, Village Mural

Following the Wall of the village especially Babies, after having seen pretties that babies use, today let’s check how our readers decorate the corners of dreams of Runts. Has beautiful pieces for the door, the walls, utilitarian and to give comfort to the little angels.

Any questions, interest or simple curiosity, we ask you to write directly to the e-mail indicated next to the pictures. The Mural is an exhibition space, so don’t disclose step-by-step of these works. Fraternize VZ and exchange experiences.

Explain the rules to participate at the end of the post. Come join us.

Village mural

There we have a comic with sheep, everything to do with nursery. As well as the pads of pets. Made by Lourdes Rivera, there in Uruguay. That’s cool, we have friends out there!

A comic that goes from the door of motherhood to the wall of the room. The Sonia used wallpaper in fabric and resin appliques.

The proposal of the Mari is also pretty cool: a comic cute with the meaning of the name that you gave to your baby. Good tip.

Perfect embellishment maternity port that Vanessa prepared using the felt. Cutest thing, huh?

With name, with lace and baby doll, this ornament is too sweet. Denise’s work, which is very experienced with embellishments for baby.

I enjoyed a lot too the Garland with flowers of gossip of Dxn. Delicate suggestion for girls, the maternity room.

The capricious Maria Nabão sent super well in this ornament of door for, done in felt. Passion to work.

The Monica also opted for the nautical theme to your comic, and extra effort in detail in fabric. A cuteness.

Another wreath with all details in fabric. That’s a piece of Maria Aparecida to the door of motherhood.

Scrapbooking is the technique that the Carmen used in that comic cuti-cuti. Was super nice.

Another doll to announce the arrival of a little Princess. Piece made by Theressa.

And how about a boy Teddy bear with your ball? Good suggestion of Rita.

I love the little critters for this ornament. Beautiful result of Carla.

And have pet walking trains too. Very cute hat from the project of the Vera Lucia.

Honey pot and bears sweet tooth in mobile cradle that Gisele did to your friend. Super cute.

Butterflies that fly from flower to flower, everything felt and colors that attract the eyes of the baby. Piece made with love by Cristina.

A complete kit with utilities and MDF ornaments decorated with fabric flowers. Proposed to organize the closet, all produced by Patricia.

These pots in MDF are part of the kit that the Lígia made for a friend. She included the brother of baby in the decoration of pieces.

Diaper Genie and take ownership for the Exchange, decorated with playswithmatches by Theressa.

Hygiene Kit and door trim for a baby boy. Discreet and elegant, Milena option for decoration.

Yellow tones in the utilities that the Rachel decorated with bees and honey taste.

Good is to see everything tidy, even more with decorations made by Grandma. There is the room of the grandson of Lourdes, and the ornaments that she did it herself.

The Valeria does a beautiful job with stickers, a practical and modern way that opens a thousand possibilities to decorate the baby’s room.

The specialty of Maria do Socorro are trousseaus and cradle kits, as this next, very well done, with the sailor theme.

If you produce any craftsmanship in any technique, restores objects and furniture, gracing your garden and decorate, send your photo right now.

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