Asus Launches New Cerberus Headset and Gamer Keyboard

New appliances from the Cerberus line promise to aid in the gaming experience.

Asus announced today a headset and a gamer keyboard to support the gaming experience on the computer or consoles and mobile devices such as phones and tablets in the case of the handset.

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The new handsets belong to the Cerberus line and should deliver more immersion during games with more intense bass audio and mechanical keys with custom shortcuts for quick commands.According to the manufacturer, there is still no price or forecast for the launch of Cerberus V2 and Cerberus Mech RGB in Brazil.

Cerberus V2

The new Asus headset is an enhanced version of the popular Cerberus.However, the gadget now has an Essence driver for cleaner audio and high fidelity, which should help immerse you into games.In addition, the model has 30% larger cushions than the predecessor and the sound insulation, according to the manufacturer, is 50% better.

The Cerberus V2 also has a 3.5 mm P2 connector, which means it is compatible with PC, Mac, video game consoles and mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets.The cable is 1.5m in length and there are dual ports for using the headset on motherboards if needed.To aid in gaming controls and calls, the handset also features two built-in microphones.

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Cerberus Mech RGB

Cerberus Mech RGB promises to help gamers with dedicated hotkeys for frequent commands and instant recordings to use on any computer that the keyboard is connected to.Among the differences of the device is also a lock of Windows features to protect the games against accidental touches.

According to Asus, the fully mechanical keyboard features fast tactile response and service life of up to 70 million clicks.There is also anti-ghosting function, N-key rollover (NKRO) and option to customize the backlight of each key, including the seven built-in lighting effects.

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