Apple Will Make People to Automated Teller Machine

New patent ready for Apple to make it easy to borrow money on the streets and alleys. Read more what the patent is about.

You have probably tried before, to be well on the way to fill your cart in the local supermarket and then find that you have forgotten your credit card at home.

In this situation, the new patent, ad-hoc cash disensing network, Apple has be able to help you. It goes for in all its simplicity that total strangers can act as mobile automated teller machine for you. It writes our site via NewScientist.

Will be patent a reality, there will be more ways that the system can work on.

It could act as an application in which you note how much money you need. The software will be based on your GPS location can sign other nearby (with application installed) that you are looking for money. Is there any nearby, so you’ll be able to find their location via the application, after which you can pick up the money.

When the money is transferred, you can via your iTunes account will be deducted from the amount borrowed plus fees for both Apple and the you have borrowed money from.