Apple Watch Mass Production

Mystic smart watch Apple’s was one of the issues that triggered the world of electronics for use in recent years. Creation of the famed company from Cupertino turned reality was officially presented in September 2014. His name was timedictionary watches. Market launch was promised a little later, which is not an unknown fact about the products of Apple. We had to wait until “early 2015”. In the weeks after the announcement, however, rumors of problems in the manufacture of various components of the device, which receded premiere date because the production chain was not completed, driven and stable.

Information from China argues that the obstacles the manufacturers of components (commented to important hardware components such as CPU, display, panels, chassis, various chips) have been overcome and mass production can be driven at full capacity in January, 1-2 months earlier than expected. Various information indicating various manufacturing partners (Foxconn, Inventec), which Apple will use for the production of Apple Watch, but so far the only sure “assemblers” ( ODM ) is a Taiwanese company Quanta Computer. She received the first order, which should include between 3 and 5 million units of smart widget. Overall, this first wave, Apple planned to realize about 24 million smart watch Apple Watch for 2015. Supporting information nablishtavashtiya production start and give details of the increase in staff Quanta from 3,000 to 10,000, and the goal was reaching 20,000 (even 40,000) employees specializing in the assembly of the new device. Another dose of authenticity gives information that this exclusive production partner has signed a contract that will not produce wearable electronics competition.

California giant Apple recently did not give information about a possible date for the start of sales of its first smart watch (a concept from the 80s, but that’s for another article). We expect violation of silence.