Apple Teases Samsung for Less Environmental Awareness

In connection with Earth Day hiver Apple a little teasing out of the hat, which is heavily geared toward Samsung.

It is not uncommon that we see IT Giants tease each other in various media. This time, however, it is Apple, which teases Samsung in a newspaper back.

Like most probably have noticed, Apple and Samsung for several years participated in lawsuits against each other, and recently won the Apple one of the most important battles. Apple has gotten the Court’s word that Samsung copied Apple, and since there has been a chance to tease Samsung, Apple, of course, takes advantage of the opportunity.

The possibility is that Apple are starting to bet on renewable energy, and since today is Earth Day, which will promote environmental friendliness, so teases Apple Samsung with that Samsung well may copy Apple’s initiative to get power from solar panels.

At the same time make Greenpeace every year a list of the most environmentally-friendly companies, and here IT is Apple on a respectable sixth place, where Samsung is just below with a seventh place. You are very environmentally friendly, you should look for HP and Nokia, which tops the list.

However, appointed Greenpeace in 2011 Apple as the biggest environmental takes shots in the IT industry, so Apple’s focus on environmentally friendly is not something that is deeply grounded in the American IT gigants values.

What do you think about these teasing?