Apple Seeks Patent on New Sound System

Apple has filed a patent application on a new advanced sound system for an upcoming iTV.

iPhone manufacturer Apple has applied for a patent on a new advanced sound system, there probably will be part of the company’s upcoming TV product iTV.

According to the application, the system will be able to detect where a person is in relation to the set, and automatically customize the sound to the most optimal.

The system will, according to our site, also be able to customize the soundscape, in relation to its surroundings, as the system itself detects.

Apple’s new system will also provide an improvement for computer users, smartphones and tablets.

Video-conference will be also part of the new sound system, such as URf.eks. can show several delegates on the screen and customize the sound, so that the sound from a person who URf.eks. in the right part of the screen, is coming from the right side.

At such conferences, the system will also track who’s talking, and thereby dominate their sound.

When the system will be implemented at we are unfortunately not yet.