Apple iWatch in Two Editions

A Korean Analyst Predicts That Apple Will Make Two Versions of Their Upcoming Wearable iWatch.

Apple is on track to throw himself into the wearable-wave, it is as good as safe, and now predicts a Korean analyst that iWatch, as many believe, this wearable will be called, will come in two sizes.

It’s Ming-Chi Kuo, who has proved to be very accurate in its predictions about Apple, that wonder of watches with 1.3 and 1.5 inch screens. In addition, think Kuo that the clocks will be able to function without a connection to an iPhone or iPad.

Kuo also believe that appearance will be markedly different than those of their competitors, and that there will be editions in many different materials, where the most expensive can reach several thousand dollars.

The battery life of Apple iWatch predicts Kuo to become at least a day with a battery of between 200 and 250 mAh.

Ming-Chi Kuo predicted, among other things, that the iPhone would come in a Gold version that Apple would launch a fingerprint scanner, and that iPhone 5 would come in a 5 c-version up to the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5 c.