Apple Is Pushing Microsoft in Enterprises

Computers from Apple is gaining more foothold gradually in companies, at the expense of Microsoft. The interest in Macs and iPads is increasing also in Denmark.

Microsoft gets progressively more and more pushed from Apple that towards the end of 2014 will be equally accepted in businesses, as Microsoft is today.This applies to computers with the operating system OS X as well as iPhones, write our site.

The prediction comes from research firm Gartner.

Apple works, according to research House, to streamline operating system OS X with iOS on iPhone and iPads. This means, among other things, that different applications have begun to switch names.URF.eks. is the iCal and Adress Book renamed for Calendar and Contacts.

Also after questions in Denmark

Development recognized already at Humac, Denmark’s largest Apple dealer.

-“I agree with Gartneres interpretation. We can feel when we talk to IT managers in private companies and in the public that they are beginning to ask for knowledge of how to implement OS X and iOS in their systems. There is also great interest in how the Apple environment is combined current Microsoft deployments, “says Michael Bech, Director of Humac in Denmark, to our site.

He concedes that the hardware is more expensive to buy than URf.eks. computers with Microsoft’s Windows system.

-“It is not only a question of the price of the hardware. Apple’s products such as iPad and iPhone have very high market shares in Denmark, and this is why IT managers are forced to, and have to relate to it. Especially when your employees, because they own the products private, asking for the possibility to use them on the job, “ending Humac-Director.

Microsoft, however, is not entirely unshackled. Gartner estimates that Windows Phone 8 phones, before long can be the IT Department’s favorite smartphone system.