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Android KitKat Is Available Now on Even More Devices

Android update KitKat comes out to more and more devices and are thus steadily growing.

Each month publishes Google details on all their registered devices. One of the most interesting data is how many units which now runs with the latest update of Android.

At the beginning of March was running a mere 2.5 percent of Android devices KitKat. Last month had 5.3 percent installed KitKat update, and here at the beginning of may, Google may show that it is now the entire 8.5 percent, which shows a great advancement.

Kitkat update is important, for the devices because the update primarily makes devices more liquid. Kitkat came first to Google Nexus units, and then on the latest smartphones which was launched this spring.Data shows that it is new smartphones that makes that there is now even more KitKat units.

Part of the 2013s top models, however, have also gotten KitKat update, including Samsung Galaxy S4,Sony Xperia Z1 and LG G2.

However, there are still 17 percent who find themselves in a universe entirely IT back from 2011, when Gingerbread was launched. It stands in stark contrast to how quickly Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone will be updated.

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