An Enterprising Made Me 3 Questions Polemics

Hello, all jewel?

An Enterprising Made Me 3 Questions Polemics

Today I want to share with you an email I received from an enterprising and that will surely help you. Oh, for those who do not know, you can send me email to our site that I answer. But back to the email, I’m going to let you down and you can see how it was and maybe take your questions. Check out:

“Sabrina and team, all right? My doubts are 3:

1-As you have site, answering directly the end customer and the outlet (with the possibility of patchy) you’re not competition for his own dealership? I say this because the younger guests are used to follow the bloggers and to make their own purchases on the internet. For them, the value of $299.00 is not expensive, without shipping. Theoretically, they don’t need the direct sale, as the more traditional customers.

An Enterprising Made Me 3 Questions Polemics 3

We women want to buy time, we experience. I don’t see myself competing for you, because the client to buy the site need to pay freight, expect to get and pay before you even receive the product. With you that everything is different.
Outlet parts out of line so that exhaust. And I see several large companies doing the same as Frances jewelry. Avon, Natura, Apothecary, they all have retail and wholesale website and do not compete with their resellers. Another point is that it’s a mutual action, here I am with my team generate photos for you to use, videos, support material and everything to streamline your sales.

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2-I am already a reseller of xxxxx, which offers semijoias more classic, so I’m thinking about working with Frances Jewels bracelet from 3rjewelry to increase and diversify my audience. But I’m a little “lost” in relation to the mix of products to buy, because we at station Exchange, I get scared of buying fashion pieces that are beautiful, but you may not sell in winter, such as the flamingo. That is, do you have suggestions for mix for next season?

An Enterprising Made Me 3 Questions Polemics 2

If you already work with a more classic brand, look for different parts of what you have. A good tip is to select several pieces that you think your customers would buy. Take these pictures on our social networks and post in your Facebook asking which style they like best.

Okay, you have a search with your audience is more valuable than the information that I can do.

3-this question is personal: Frances Jewelry offers 6 months warranty, and the gives x xxxxx year warranty. What is the difference of a bath, please? What I can talk to my future customers for them to opt for Frances jewelry, in addition to the most modern designs.

An Enterprising Made Me 3 Questions Polemics 1

On the policy of another company, I can’t express myself, but our parts is guaranteed for 6 months, antiallergic and durability are even greater than the warranty, but I want to surprise you with our quality. If I guarantee 6 months and it lasts 1 year and a half you will be my client the rest of your life, right? Trust me, we never stopped customer in hand.

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It’s like I always say: make your best today with what you have today. See how has space for all and what determines your success is your effort? Do what you love and focus on that. Will see how it’s going to be incredible. And I repeat: If you want to talk to me, give suggestions or criticism than can improve here on Frances Jewels, send an email to our site. Until the next.