Amazon, Bradesco and Vivo Also Want Exclusive Domain Endings

After Google announced that is looking at new top level domains (TLDs or stands for Top Level Domains), as lol, .docs and .google, other companies have also shown interest in booking generic words and trademarks. Amazon is one of the most committed to the new possibilities: either register a total of 76 TLDs, including words like .free and .book. Brazilian companies also want their own domain endings.

The ICANN, the body that regulates the registration of Internet domains, have received more than 1,900 proposals from companies from all over the world. Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung and Yahoo are among the interested technology companies. In Brazil, 11 endings have been requested so far: .good, .bradesco, .FINAL, .globo, .ipiranga, .itau, .ltda, .natura, .rio, .uol and .vivo.

Amazon wants to record termination as .amazon, .app, .aws, .buy, .cloud, .dev, .free and .game. The .app extension, however, can not stay with the store that sells everything: the ending is played by 13 different companies. Despite the large number of requests, have a unique domain is not cheap: ICANN charges $ 185,000 for companies that try to register a TLD. To keep the domain, you must pay an annual fee of $ 25,000.

To avoid future problems, the next 60 days the top-level domains will be available to be challenged formally if they infringe any trademark. Interested companies will also undergo an assessment of where ICANN will review the technical and financial ability of companies to manage a domain registrar.

Each termination will be checked to ensure that they do not break the DNS system. The extensions that go through all the bureaucratic process (but necessary) ICANN should be available in the first quarter of 2013.

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