Alpine on the Road with CarPlay Installations for the Car

New plants for the car may be on the way from Alpine with full support for Apple’s new CarPlay technology.

At the beginning of March we could here on our site tell that Apple presents CarPlay-iOS integration to the car. Apple’s immediate objective has been that few CarPlay technology built into cars from delivery, but now we are starting to see interest in separate plants, so also the older cars can take advantage of this feature.

It is the manufacturer Alpine, who reportedly is on the way with a separate facility for the car with the feature built-in. The company will, therefore, probably the first producer in the market, when the device is probably ready for sale in 2015. It writes the Nikkei via MacRumors.

The plant should be equipped with a 7 “screen that connects to the iPhone with” lightning “-we know from iPhone cable 5, 5 c and 5S. The price should put at around $ 500 to $ 700.

CarPlay function is activated with Apple’s iOS 7.1, there are freely downloadable for all iOS devices.