All Types of Flashlights

We Performance Lighting can offer you a wide range of flashlights for all possible uses. Whether you are looking for a good dyklampa, tactical flashlight, head lamp, weapon lamp, key ring lamp or a flashlight up to 1000 meters range, you will find that you are confident in our online store. Order a really good flashlight from us too.

Flashlights of Any Size

In our range you will find everything from small to large flashlights, LEDs and headlamps. Small flashlights perfect for everyday use, in your pocket, at work or on your key ring. Although flashlights are small, you get maximum performance with small and simple batteries. Medium-sized flashlights accommodate larger batteries, has a larger LED and so have greater power than the smallest flashlights. These flashlights are ideal for allbruk.

We can also offer extremely strong flashlights in the form of hand headlights and Xenon and LED tactical torch. This is the option for those who demand a huge range or extremely light. Tactical lights weapons lamps, tracking lamps and hand lamps for example, hunting, task force, military, or paintballing is a natural part of our range. Even powerful LED torches for scuba diving, you can find with us. Order your new flashlight from us, we have something for all purposes.

You is easy and convenient flashlights in our online shop. You can choose from interest-free payment, invoice, cash on delivery or secure card payments.If you have questions, please contact our customer service .Click on each image below to choose your desired category.

Small Flashlights

For everyday use, in your pocket, at work, on the key ring, etc. The size of the minimum rate for maximum power in the smallest format with small simple batteries.

Medium-sized flashlights

For allbruk, in your pocket, in your car, at work. These houses usually larger battery eg 1st 18650 and larger LED and thus have much more power than the smallest flashlights.

Extremely Strong Flashlights

Searchlights, LED flashlights and HID flashlights for those who require a huge range or extremely light. From 10W up to 85W.

Tactical Flashlights

Weapons lamps, tracking lamps, portable searchlight for hunting, task force, military, paintball, soft airgun etc.

Diving Torches

Powerful LED flashlights that penetrates the water darkest unexplored caverns of the highest quality.

Chargers & Batteries

Li-ion batteries, primary batteries, rechargeable batteries such as CR123A, 18650, 18700, 16340 and smart chargers that do not burn batteries.


That increase the applications of your flashlight eg belt holder, holster, gun mount, headband, remote switch, handlebar mount so your flashlight is a bicycle lamp and various color filters for traffic police or hunting, etc.