All the Gym Very Stylish!

New year, new goals… but not in any way, with stylish and comfortable clothing and practices. With these sets, that nothing can you resist going to the gym!

Unfortunately for all us, go to the gym or practice any type of sport should become something like ‘our daily bread’. Not only to see us well when they start the hottest days, but also to feel fit and healthy.

But sweating, doing toning exercises or weight training, yoga or cardio is not at odds with Super go to the gym. At least Oysho has been proposed to go into the final with shorts, t-shirts, jerseys and mesh.


So, jackets with print tie dye, tops that expose our navel, t-shirts Sweatshirts with collars of worn out effect, reaching to the slogan of his collection stamped ‘ fire’ in their clothing or rack: Go to the Gym!


Go to the Gym is the best slogan for this collection of Oysho.


All this, with a palette of colors ranging from the basics, white, black and grey, to introduce shades such as pink bat, the coral, the light blue or mauve.


Indeed, the combined in salmon and white, sneakers I have stolen the heart!


The salmon-colored sneakers combined with white will make highlight our outfit.