All the Benefits of Music Therapy in Pregnancy

Let’s see what are the real benefits of music therapy in pregnancy according to A2zyellowpages and prenatal classes generation. In addition to being good for mom, also helps the child to feel better and to establish an intimate relationship with his mother.

More and more pregnant women decide to attend, along with the traditional Lamaze, which prepares them physically and psychologically at the time of birth of the child, even a Lamaze of music therapy.

But what are the advantages of this type of course?

The pros are many:

  • Perform exercises with music or sound-musical activities during pregnancy are activities that can help the expectant mother to become aware of yourself and your body and to relax.In addition, the music can be a first means of communication between the parents and the unborn baby.
  • The operators of a course of music therapy in pregnancy are mandated to teach pregnant women – with the help of music-relaxation techniques and breathing exercises useful to counter the emergence of feelings of anxiety and fatigue and to maintain good physical and mental balance. With the help of specialists, also, women learn to listen to the unborn baby and begin to recognize its ways of reacting to sounds and melodies. In particular, only the27th/30th week of life, the fetus begins to develop the Faculty of hearing; only in recent months in the womb, so it can warn the child’s reactions to a voice, sounds or musical motifs.
  • Music can be a privileged channel of communication between the parents and the child in the womb, also because it helps the development of the nervous system, as well as all the prenatal environmental stimuli.The first item that the child learns about is obviously that of the mother, which can be perceived by him almost like a “cuddle”.
  • Many courses of music therapy in pregnancy therefore propose not only listening to some relaxing music, but even prenatal singing exercises and spontaneous use of the voice.Whether through song, the expectant mother prenatal learn to manage their own breathing, spontaneous use of voice exercises are meant for both parents. Mom and Dad can thus communicate with small still in the womb, modulating his voice to “recite” chants and rhymes, not necessarily sing.

In these courses, expectant mothers hear sweet and slow paced songs and music. This to associate these emotional States of serenity and calm and moments of physical well-being. Exercises include activities of relaxation accompanied by background music, both exercises that teach relaxation techniques that work without music. These are very important: women will be able toput them into practice during labor and delivery, when they stretch their muscles and strive to maintain a good control of the mind on the body.

When do an Antepartum course of music therapy

As we mentioned, we recommend that you enroll in a course of music therapy in pregnancy in the last three months preceding childbirth, because it is only in that time frame that the child begins to develop the sense of hearing and, therefore, is active in front of the external sound loads. The expectant mother may have important benefits also attending the course in the first six months of pregnancy; in particular, can learn a few exercises to soothe your muscles and keep control of your body through music.