+70 Wall Photos: All You Need to Know

The use of wallpaper is a major trend of decoration in recent years. We can see that this type of coating is increasingly accessible, becoming more and more popular. The fact that the wallpaper is easy to apply and depending on the application, can be done by yourself. This type of coating can be applied without too much dirt and allows to renew an environment quickly.

+70 Wall Photos: All You Need to Know

On a quick visit to the markets, it is noticeable that there is an enormous variety of models, for the different environments, with different prints and textures. There are types of wallpaper with adhesive, without adhesive and those of fabric. Many consider paper with adhesive easier to apply, however the model that depends on glue is also easy to apply.

The decoration with wallpaper can be applied in various environments of a residence. Many places categorize their wallpapers by environment, so there is wall paper for living room, kitchen wall paper, wallpaper for children’s room and even for restrooms.

As more and more the technology of this type of coating increases, we realize that the wallpaper often mimics other types of coating, such as wood, brick and stones. The wallpaper is each time more resistant, and can be placed in environments of temperature variations, such as toilet, kitchen and outside covered areas.

The wallpaper can totally change the mood of an environment, so choosing the right model is essential. As there are many models available in the market, we separate this post by environment so that you see various inspirations according to each room of your house. Surely you will find one that is within your budget and matches the environment you want to decorate and renovate.

Wallpaper For Living Room

The room wallpaper can be chosen according to the feel you want to have in the room. Vertical striped wall papers give the feeling that the environment is higher, while the horizontal ones give the impression that the environment is wider. Wallpapers that mimic graphite textures and the like, leave the room quite modern. The wallpaper models that imitate stones and wood are perfect to bring a sense of warmth. Models with arabesques and geometric with pretty bang with the environment too.

Wallpaper For Kitchen And Dining Room

Using wallpaper in the dining room and kitchen is becoming more frequent. It is clear that in the living room this type of coating is able to make the environment even more elegant and beautiful. Already in the kitchen it has been gaining space gradually, because many people believe that it is not fit for the environment. Contrary to what they say, there are several models of wall stickers and wall papers that can be used in the kitchen because of their high strength, explained by A2ZWALLSTICKERS. You can use tile adhesives also in your kitchen.

Wallpaper For Double Room

The  wallpaper for double room can leave the environment more romantic and unique. As it is a refuge from the couple, it is necessary that both feel at ease with the environment. Choosing the right model for this environment can be more difficult than it looks. The room is an environment for relaxation and rest, for this reason, bright and warm colors can be mair recommended.

Bathroom And Toilet Wallpaper

As we speak, the wallpaper is more and more modern and so it is increasingly resistant. The use is increasingly constant in wet regions, one of them is the toilet. Using a wallpaper in the toilet can bring sophistication to the environment. We took some inspiration to see how beautiful a wallpaper in the bathroom looks.

Wallpaper For Children’s Room

Bianca Alvarenga is a writer for Viva Decora and has lived in the world of Information Technology, but now she is dedicated to Communication. Expect to show a world of possibilities and inspirations for you to decorate your home.